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Sheet Music of Albinoni Tomaso

Tomaso Albinoni
Sheet Music and Program Notes

Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni (1671-1751) Albinoni was a an Italian composer of the Baroque era. He was born in Venice and was a singer and violinist contemporary of J. S. Bach and a friend of Albinoni. He is mainly known for his instrumental music, in particular his concertos. In 1701 he wrote his hugely popular suites Opus 3, and dedicated that collection to Cosimo III de'Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany. He was independently wealthy and did not work for a church or nobleman during his lifetime. Most of his music was not publish during his lifetime and has since been lost. A large portion was lost in WWII. His Adagio in G minor is one of most famous of his remaining works.

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